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Grand Floridian

Step 2: Where to Stay?

Once you’ve decided when to go, the next step is to make a decision about where you’ll stay. There’s always much controversy among Disney fans as to what’s THE best resort. But the truth is, there are lots of bests… you’ve just gotta find the best for you. Here are some facts to help you make your best resort decision

1. Off-site Resorts

Staying just outside of Disney property can have some big benefits, especially for big families or families on a tighter budget.

  • Disney Good Neighbor Hotels – Hotels that Disney has vetted to meet their service and quality standards are deemed “Good Neighbor Hotels”. They are all close to WDW, have park transportation, and have staff to assist with Disney information. Some even sell park ticket and hotel packages. Check out “Our 5 Favorite Walt Disney Good Neighbor Hotels” or for a complete list visit wdwgoodneighborhotels.com.
  • Space – A majority of rooms on Disney property are capped at a five person occupancy. Yes, adjoining rooms are possible, but for families with lots of little ones, you may find more suite options off site where everyone can be in the same room.
  • Amenities – Many Orlando hotels offer incredible pools with waterslides, full complimentary breakfasts, sports, organized activities, and even pet services. Just because you may compromise on location, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on luxuries.
  • Shuttle Transportation – Most nearby hotels offer shuttle transportation to Walt Disney World parks. (But speaking from experience, you may find the shuttle service times inconvenient. Ask to see a schedule before booking if shuttle service is important to you.)
  • Price – Here’s the kicker. What it all comes down to for staying off-site is value for your dollar. Prices off-site are typically 60% lower (or more!) for the same or greater space and amenities. That kind of savings on lodging can add up to more park days or fancier dinners or whatever else is important to your crew.

Personal Opinion:

We love Lake Buena Vista Resort and Spa – pirate ship pool, three bedroom suite with kitchen, princess/pirate makeovers, and much more for less than what it would cost for our family to stay at a Disney Value Resort.

2. On Property, Non-Disney Resorts

There are a handful of hotels located on Disney property but not run by Disney.

Bonus Tip!

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