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Author Archives: Jennifer Retzlaff

Disney Channel Favorite “Bia” to come to Disney+

On November 20th fans of the popular Disney Channel show “Bia” will be coming to Disney+. The show tells the story of a group of young people dedicated to creating content for the Internet develop and share their talents in a space full of romance and friendships.   The show is made in Argentina and the first season consists of ...

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Fashion Fun Frozen- Inspired Sugar Cookies

Even though November just started, we are getting excited for holiday baking. We love making cookies and love to bring some Disney themed treats into our baking. These Frozen- inspired decorations from Disney Family are an easy, fun way to do so with our favorite sugar cookie recipe. Ingredients Your favorite sugar cookie recipeWhite icingLight blue icingDark blue icingAssorted blue ...

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New Bounty Released for #MandoMonday

#MandoMonday refers to new items from the highly popular Disney+ series The Mandalorian that are released on shopDisney each Monday. This week is the second week and we love the new pins, clothes, and toys featuring our favorite characters from The Mandalorian. Credit: shopDisney Check-out this adorable LEGO The Child – Star Wars: The Mandalorian 75318! With more than a ...

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Try These DIY Disney Parks Ornaments for a Little Magic for the Tree

Dole Whips and Churros are Disney snack icons. When we visit the Disney parks these treats are a must get as you can’t go wrong with either of them. Disney Family has what you need to make your very own Dole Whip and Churro ornaments this year. Credit: Disney Family Here is what you need to get started: -Tan, light ...

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Nightmare Before Christmas Decorations Are Perfect for the Holidays

Jack and Sally are favorites during the Halloween holiday, but they don’t go away once Halloween is over. These two and Nightmare Before Christmas stick around for Christmas as well and we couldn’t be happier about that. Right now Walgreens has decorations featuring Nightmare Before Christmas characters with a Christmas vibe to them.   According to TotallytheBomb, Walgreens has a ...

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Bring Out Your Inner Child with The Child Themed Waffle Maker and Toaster

The Mandalorian and The Child have taken over all things and now they are heading to your kitchen. Box Lunch has both a waffle maker and a toaster featuring our favorite Star Wars character The Child. Credit: Box Lunch Star Wars The Mandalorian Mando & The Child Toaster toasts “Baby Yoda” onto your favorite breads. Credit: Box Lunch Star Wars ...

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Willow Disney+ Series Releases New Character Details

We discussed last week that Disney officially announced that there will be a new Disney+ series based on the original movie “Willow”. This week, more information regarding some additional characters were released giving us more ideas of what this new series might bring.   The new Disney+ series takes place years after the events of the original “Willow” film. It ...

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My Very Own The Child? YES PLEASE!

The Mandalorian and The Child took the hearts of viewers young and old. With season two starting on Disney+ Baby Yoda has once again has taken over and now we can pre-order are very own? We are all about this! On shopDisney, you can now pre-order The Child Animatronic Edition by Hasbro – Star Wars: The Mandalorian. For $59.99 you ...

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Delicious Mickey Candy Corn Cookies for the Whole Family

When you think of fall, candy corn is definately something that comes to mind. This classic treat inspired us to make these adorable Mickey-shaped Candy Corn Cookies from Disney Family. These cookies are simple to make but also fun and festive for the whole family. And who doesn’t love a treat that is Mickey shaped! Ingredients -Shortbread or sugar cookie ...

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Mando Monday Madness Begins

On Monday, October 26th fans of The Mandalorian got to experience the first Mando Monday. This event released a variety of different merchandise items featuring the famous bounty hunter and The Child. We have a look at a few items that came out of this event. Over at shopDisney guests can find almost anything they can imagine with The Mandalorian ...

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