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Author Archives: Jennifer Retzlaff

Jack Skellington Sleigh Flys into Home Depot

Credit: Home Depot Jack Skellington flys into Home Depot this holiday season on a sleigh pulled by two skeletal reindeer and Zero at the front with a red nose just like Rudolph. This adorable inflatable is a must-have for those fans of Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas. Home Depot says that this adorable inflatable has easy set up and ...

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25th Anniversary Merchandise on ShopDisney

Credit: ShopDisney This year Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival looks a little different; however, that doesn’t mean the merchandise is any less fun. Guests that are fans of this festival can still get some 25th anniversary merchandise on ShopDisney now. Guests can enjoy the lovable Figment with this collection. Figment Mug – Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 25th ...

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Superheros Arrive at McDonalds

Credit: McDonalds On October 7th, Marvel fans could find their favorite superheros in McDonald’s Happy Meals. Nine new toys based on the Marvel movies can be collected. These are the nine Marvel Studios McDonald’s Happy Meal toys that can be found at McDonalds at various times: Iron Man (Hulkbuster)Winter SoldierWaspGrootBlack WidowVisionScarlet WitchHulkFalcon Credit: McDonalds Each toy features a different character ...

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7 Tim Burton Films for Your October on Disney+

D23 recently posted seven Tim Burton films that fans can watch now on Disney+. Fan know Tim Burton as a talented man that directs, produces and creates many fantastic Disney films. Take a look at these seven films listed by D23 and see which ones you will be adding to your watch next list on Disney+. Frankenweenie (1984)Directed and co-written ...

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Marvel Mania hits ShopDisney all of October

Credit: ShopDisney Get your favorite Marvel superhero as ShopDisney releases new, specialized Marvel merchandise each month of October. This week our favorite web-slinging Spider-Man is the feature superhero. Head to ShopDisney to discover all the fun, new merchandise being offered. Both adults and kids alike can check out this Spider-Man Varsity Jacket. Adults $59.99 Kids: $42.99 Credit: ShopDisney Credit: ShopDisney ...

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