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Credit: Disney

Top Reasons We’re Loving Winter 2020 at Walt Disney World

It’s the Holidays at Walt Disney World, and that can mean only one thing – that even more magic has arrived! Until December 31, you can enjoy all the festivities by exploring the resort’s four theme parks and entertainment district Disney Springs. Each area has been adorned with more décor than you’ll find in the North Pole, and there are enough presents to put Santa’s workshop to shame too! Here are the top 8 reasons why we’re loving winter at Walt Disney World…


8. Activities – Disney Springs

Let’s start at Disney Springs – the central hub of Walt Disney World. The Holiday season starts with a bang at the entertainment district, as there’s something for everyone to enjoy, whether it’s shopping at one of its many outlets, dining at one of its fancy eateries, or taking part in some festive fun. Enjoy magical snowfall at Town Center and West Side, embark on the Holiday Scavenger Hunt by exploring Disney Springs for clues, experience a Christmas tree-themed walk around the district, and let Santa’s Winter Watercade at Lake Buena Vista arrest your imagination.

Photo Credit: Disney

7. Holiday-themed Music & Décor – Walt Disney World

It wouldn’t be Walt Disney World without the music, and it wouldn’t be the Holidays at Walt Disney World without Christmas Carols and seasonal scores, both old and original. The merry music will follow you as you explore the parks, and along with every other festive feature, will help to conjure up quite the atmosphere. And then of course there’s the décor. No tree or building has been left unturned throughout the resort, and almost everywhere you look is a festive feast for the eyes. Be sure to keep your camera clear so that you can capture as many merry moments as you can as you go.

6. Merchandise – Walt Disney World

For many people, the Holidays are about getting wonderful gifts. We’d be lying if we said anything otherwise! And, perhaps to no surprise, there’s an entire plethora of merchandise waiting to be unwrapped at Walt Disney World. For starters, if you’ve kept your eyes on all things Star Wars in recent weeks, you’ll know that there’s enough Mando and Grogu to go round. But there’s so much more too. Browsing and shopping is an experience in its own right – and this year it’s reason enough to be excited about visiting the resort.

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